The Toronto Build

Project Description

Rob and Sue Contacted Stylish Abodes when they had almost finalised the drawing for the conversion of their 1920’s home into a modern lake house. Their Son, Jonno, drew the plans (EJE Architecture), so they were very excited to see this journey through.

We already had a professional relationship established as this was not the first home that Stylish Abodes have built for Rob and Sue.

As much of the original home as possible was retained.

Several artefacts were found during demolition and were used in one form or another. Bricks were hand cleaned by the owners to be used in a feature wall for the cellar.

The project took almost twelve months to complete.

Many hours were lovingly spent on carpentry skills not used in many projects .The level of detail required much fore thought.

The finished results are a sleek, modern home that both Sue, Rob, Jonno and Stylish Abodes are very proud to have produced.